"Found Strength and Courage."

As a result of the coaching that I have received from Beat Wettstein I have found the strength and the courage to study part time and improve my career gradually from being a Patient Care Assistant to becoming a Registered Nurse.

Marissa Berendina
Forrestfield, Western Australia

"Rekindled my Passion and Direction."

Beat Wettstein conducted several sessions with me to help me rekindle my passion and direction. My thanks to Beat for the success that we achieved together.

Bob Cross
North Perth, Western Australia

"Totally Relevant for my Job."

What I have learned from Career Tune-up training is totally relevant for my job on a daily basis. I have learnt new skills that are so easy to learn I can even teach them to others and it appears that it works for them as well as for me.

Carla Gow
Nantes, France

"Unbelievably Simple."

As a result of the Career Tune-up training I have been able to overcome my procrastination and was able to complete my assignment in record time. I have learnt how to control my time and getting more done while feeling relaxed and content. The best thing is that it is unbelievably simple to use the tools that I have learnt and that I feel confident to being able to help myself whenever something comes up.

Katrin Tissi
Scuol, Switzerland