Motivation (Emotional Intelligence) Guided Meditation

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This guided meditation is designed to further develop your ability to motivate yourself and energise, direct and sustain the behaviours of others even when there is a need to overcome low emotional states. It will increase your ability to recognise positive aspects and learnings even in challenging situations and it will allow you to overcome adversity by strengthening the development of your positive personality, making you a shining beacon of optimism for others to follow at work and in your private life.

To lean more watch a video of Daniel Goleman introducing Emotional Intelligence.

  • Media Type: MP3 48000 Hz 320 kbps
  • Media Length: 32:13
  • Designed by: Beat Wettstein and Carla Gow
  • Spoken by: Carla Gow
  • Music by: Beat Wettstein
  • Artwork by: Beat Wettstein
  • Distribution Method: Download
  • Download File Type: MP3
  • Download File Size: 73.7 MB
  • Product Code: CTUS1016

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