Growing Empathy (Emotional Intelligence) Guided Meditation

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This guided meditation is designed to increase your empathy, being the ability to recognize, interpret, and respond constructively to another person’s feelings and to incorporate these inputs into your considerations when making decisions. Empathy lets you sense what another person is feeling and moreover care about that with the openness for being there for them should they request it.  Empathy can guide your interaction with others at work and in your private life by sensing how others are reacting and then fine-tuning your responses. Empathy is highly important when the job focuses on people and, whilst crucial to excellence at all levels, it is a must for everyone in a leadership position.

To lean more watch a video of Daniel Goleman introducing Emotional Intelligence.

  • Media Type: MP3 48000 Hz 320 kbps
  • Media Length: 28:07
  • Designed by: Beat Wettstein and Carla Gow
  • Spoken by: Carla Gow
  • Music by: Beat Wettstein
  • Artwork by: Beat Wettstein
  • Distribution Method: Download
  • Download File Type: MP3
  • Download File Size: 64.3 MB
  • Product Code: CTUS1015

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