Emotional Resilience Builder (Emotional Intelligence) Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is designed to allow you to build your own armour of emotional resilience which you can call upon whenever you feel the need for it. Each time you work with this journey you can increase its power and strength by building on what you have created earlier.

To lean more watch a video of Daniel Goleman introducing Emotional Intelligence.

  • Media Type: MP3 48000 Hz 320 kbps
  • Media Length: 34:07
  • Designed by: Beat Wettstein and Carla Gow
  • Spoken by: Carla Gow
  • Music by: Beat Wettstein
  • Artwork by: Beat Wettstein
  • Distribution Method: Download
  • Download File Type: MP3
  • Download File Size: 78.0 MB
  • Product Code: CTUS1011

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