Chakra Energising Relaxation Soundtrack Bundle

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This is a bundle of all chakra energising relaxation soundtracks used in the Career Tune-up Emotional Intelligence guided meditations series

Your body is an energetic system connected to the universal life force. The seven chakras are a part of your energetic system. They connect you with the universe and your higher self and at the same time hold the secrets to your individuality. You can listen to these tracks to energise your chakras while relaxing and/or meditating. Energising your chakras in this way may also help you to deepen the connection with your community, honour yourself and others, strengthen your personal power and your compassion, enable comfortable communication, allow you to expect magic and deserving it.

Follow this link to find more information about Chakras.

These meditation music tracks are also ideally suited as background meditation music.

This is a bundle of all Chakra energising Relaxation Soundtracks from Career Tune-up.

Included in this meditation music bundle are the following soundtracks:
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