The mission of Career Tune-up is to help people to once again take control of their lives and look after themselves and their families. We are teaching skills that are helpful in everyday life and especially to improve one’s ability to cope with stress and the increased demands of the workplace. We also show you how to get into the best possible mindset in preparation for meetings with superiors and for interviews.

We teach behavioural techniques to better connect and communicate with people.

We explain mind exercises that you can do to yourself to improve your effectiveness.

We show how to use imagination and relaxation to improve emotional resilience.

We help you apply the methods of high performance athletes to improve your everyday life.


“We have a range of servicing options that suit all types of people”

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Beat Wettstein conducted several sessions with me to help me rekindle my passion and direction. My thanks to Beat for the success that we achieved together.

Bob Cross
North Perth, Western Australia