Expanded Awareness – The Learning State

The Learning State

Expanded Awareness is a relaxed state of mind. It is also known as the Learning State. This is because it creates a mental condition of focus and receptivity to new information. The state of Expanded Awareness is created when a person’s attention is shifted from foveal vision to peripheral vision.


Process Large Amounts of Information

It is an optimal state when large amounts of information need to be processed, for example while reading or in a training situation. It has been found that this technique may synchronize both hemispheres of the brain.

Steps to the Learning State:

  1. Find a spot on the wall somewhere above eye level and focus all your attention on that spot.
  2. Keeping the eyes on the spot slowly allow your attention to move and start to take in some of the periphery.
  3. Then, while the eyes remain on the spot, shift all your attention and all your awareness to the periphery. Imagine the expansion of your awareness all around yourself so much so as if you could almost see behind yourself.
  4. Test expanded awareness using stretched out arms and hands.
  5. Slowly move your gaze downward while keeping peripheral vision active and relaxed and continue working, learning, presenting, listening …..


Alert and Receptive

Expanded Awareness is an Up-time state. It is most beneficial when learning, when reading, in meetings, in interview situations, when presenting and in general when interacting with people.

Expanded Awareness has also been described as the Samurai State. It is like a waking trance state where you lose your mind and come to your senses.

It has been found to be impossible to hold a negative state in consciousness while in expanded awareness.


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