Top five ways to calm a busy mind and fall asleep easily

There are times when I go to bed and my mind just keeps running a hundred miles an hour and I can’t fall asleep. This happens to me mostly when I am very excited about a new project and when I am thinking about all the things that I can do to make it an […]

Understanding Hypnosis Part 7 – Uses and Applications of Hypnosis

Fundamental Uses and Practical Applications of Hypnosis Over the course of this ‘Understanding Hypnosis’ series we have found hypnosis to be the art of facilitating trance for a specific purpose. To complete this overview of hypnosis let’s have a look at some of the fundamental uses of hypnosis today. Modern day applications of hypnosis are […]

Understanding Hypnosis Part 6 – Benefits of Meditation and Hypnosis

Similarities of Meditation and Hypnosis In general, it is the goal of Meditations to relax the body so that the mind can follow. Hypnosis often uses a similar approach of relaxation and so-called ‘deepeners’ to achieve the trance state which is a very relaxing experience by itself. As such, meditations and hypnosis are quite similar as the […]

Understanding Hypnosis Part 5 – Guided Meditations and Hypnosis

Guided Meditations and Hypnosis It has been a while since I published the previous instalment of this Understanding Hypnosis Series. However, there is a reason for this. I have been busy developing a guided meditation audio series that uses hypnotic techniques to temporarily suspend the critical faculty and enhance existing unconscious patterns to improve the listeners […]

Emotional Intelligence Guided Meditation Series

Available on the Career Tune-up Shop, iTunes and Amazon I am extremely pleased to announce that the Emotional Intelligence Guided Meditation series has been recorded and published and is now available for download. It consists of seven guided meditations that can be downloaded individually or as a bundle from our Career Tune-up Shop and from […]

Understanding Hypnosis Part 4 – Hypnotic Induction Methods

Welcome to the 4th part of this Hypnosis overview. The topic today is an overview of the different ways to achieve the trance state, the induction methods.   The Art of Achieving Trance at Will As we have discussed in earlier articles, trance can occur naturally and does not require a hypnotist to be present.  […]

Understanding Hypnosis Part 3 – Trance States and Hypnotic Phenomena

Welcome to the 3rd part of this Hypnosis overview where I want to talk about the trance state, the levels of hypnotic trance and hypnotic phenomena.   Trance State The factors that facilitate trance are as wide ranged as one can imagine. They include relaxation, rapport, ambiguity, belief and expectation, shock, surprise, boredom and even […]

Understanding Hypnosis Part 2 – Origin and History of Hypnosis

This is part 2 of my attempt to demystify Hypnosis. Here I am going to give you a quick background about the origin and the historical development of hypnosis. You can check out my explanation about the different types of hypnosis in an earlier post here.   Tribal Origins Considering all the many accounts of […]

Understanding Hypnosis Part 1 – What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is still a very loaded term in people’s mind today. Misconceptions and Fear dominate most discussions if the topic is at all brought forward. To provide some counter balance I decided to do a multi-part Blog to hopefully contribute to the general understanding of hypnosis.   Trance State Today hypnosis is generally regarded as […]

Expanded Awareness – The Learning State

The Learning State Expanded Awareness is a relaxed state of mind. It is also known as the Learning State. This is because it creates a mental condition of focus and receptivity to new information. The state of Expanded Awareness is created when a person’s attention is shifted from foveal vision to peripheral vision.   Process […]

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